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  • What are Verified Carbon Units (VCUs)?
    Under Verra’s VCS program, projects are issued unique carbon credits known as Verified Carbon Units or VCUs. Each VCU represents a reduction or removal of one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) achieved by a project.
  • How are VCUs issued?
    VCUs are issued to registry account holders listed on the Verra Registry. Mocha Company, as both account holder and a project developer, is dedicated to holding and transacting VCUs in the VCM market and intends to generate VCUs through the HIVE EV Charging Project.
  • What is the cost to join HIVE? What is the registration process?
    All Charge Point Operators (CPOs) worldwide are free of charge when joining the HIVE EV Charging Project. Mocha Company covers all fees related to project registration procedures in Verra. Additionally, Mocha Company handles all sales of issued VCUs.
  • Who purchases VCUs?
    Global companies or organizations obligated to offset their carbon footprint and meet ESG, or carbon neutrality objectives are in high demand of purchasing high quality VCUs within the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). Mocha Company holds a network of global carbon credit off takers/buyers and provides a 99% guarantee in VCU sales.
  • How many VCUs are generated per EV Charger (EVC)?
    One DCFC or AC EV Charger (EVC) must deliver a total of 2800 kwh of electricity to reduce 1 ton of CO2e. 1 tCO2e reduction is equal to 1 Verified Carbon Unit. The HIVE EV Charging Project will generate VCUs for a total of 10 years.
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