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Our Services

We create a sustainable mobility eco system

HIVE’s first service priority is to issue high-quality verified carbon units (VCU) by EV charging activities. Monitor transparent GHG emissions reduction data, experience user verification & payment service, and create additional value through the HIVE program.

The Mechanics of HIVE

HIVE quantifies the GHG emissions reduction (ER) achieved through a EV charging activity by comparing Electric Vehicles and traditional fossil fuel vehicles. The ER data is displayed in HIVE’s platform and is issued verified carbon units by Verra.

Achieving GHG emissions reduction by comparing fossil fuel vehicles and EVs.

When comparing the 10-year period for carbon emissions of internal combustion engines vehicles (ICE) and EVs with an annual mileage of 15,000km, a significant difference emerges. ICE vehicles emit 322,900 kg of CO2, while EVs, accounting for emissions from both electricity and battery production, emit a much lower 9,900kg of CO2. This highlights an over threefold difference, EVs underscore the considerable environmental advantage in terms of GHG emissions reduction.

For ICE vehicles:

10 years x 15,000 km x 2.31kg CO2/liter x 8.9 liters/100km

For EVs with a battery capacity of 60kWh:
10 years x 15,000 km x (60kWh x (40g CO2/kWh + 150kg CO2/kWh))

CO2 Emissions Reductions




Sustainable Mobility
Platform, HIVE


1. Data Collection from Charging Activity

Monitoring EV charging activity through each CPO’s Charge Point Management System (CPMS).

2. HIVE’s Data Management

Electricity delivered data from EV chargers are collected and monitored in HIVE’s Emission Reduction Management System.

3. Quantify GHG Emission Reduction

The HIVE ERMS will quantify and monitor the total amount of GHG emission reduction through robust MRV methods in accordance with certified methodologies.

4. Verra Verification

Monitored ER data is reported to Verra for verification, ensuring the generation of high-quality technology-based Verified Carbon Units (VCUs).

5. VCU Issuance

HIVE’s Verified Carbon Units are issued, and each certified unit is assigned a unique identification number to prevent double-counting issues.

6. VCU Transactions

The high-quality tech-based VCUs are sold to entities seeking to offset their carbon footprints.

Sustainable Mobility for Both
Businesses and Customers



Government to Business
EVC-based Public Management

HIVE provides sustainable mobility service
for public institutions, state-owned enterprises, and public parking lots.


From managing EV charging systems to user authentication and access control, the HIVE platform analyzes parking and charging data and helps alleviate congested traffic to improve the local parking environment.


Our contributions and efforts for a sustainable mobility ecosystem will continue.


Business to Business
Infrastructure Management
& VCU Issuance

Charge point operating businesses equipped with EV charging systems can monitor their EV chargers through the HIVE Emissions Reduction Monitoring System (ERMS). Verified date based on EV charging activity is generated into verified carbon units by Verra, an international NGO recognized for GHG emissions reduction certifications. HIVE provides an opportunity for additional revenue through transactions with companies in need of offsetting their carbon footprints.


Business to Customer
EV Charging Payment
& App Service

We offer the mobility app service “Parking Bee” for users in need of parking and EV charging. The Parking Bee app not only searches for parking and EV charging spaces but also handles EV charging payments in one go. For a convenient experience, Parking Bee users are provided with membership cards that assist with payment for EV charging activities. Parking Bee members no longer need to wander around their designated location when searching for private parking spaces.

HIVE is the first open API platform to manage Electricity Delivered (ED) & Emissions Reduction (ER) data
for the issuance of Verified Carbon Units in South Korea.

Peter Ha

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