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Reduce Earth’s Temperature by 1.5°C

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that
the level of GHG emission has departed from its trajectory
and announced that the next 10 years will be a crucial period
determining the future of humanity.
Mocha Company aims to create sustainable activities
to reduce the Earth’s temperature by 1.5 degrees.

HIVE is the first open API platform to manage Electricity Delivered (ED) & Emissions Reduction (ER) data
for the issuance of Verified Carbon Units in South Korea.

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Verified Carbon Standard
(VCS) Project

Mocha Company has listed the HIVE EV Charging project in Verra's VCS Program. HIVE utilizes Verra’s VM0038 Methodology for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems. As of 2023, HIVE is expected to achieve a total of 64,139 tons of GHG emission reductions within the transportation sector.

Listed in Verra

The HIVE EV Charging Project is the first GHG emissions reduction project to utilize Verra’s methodology for EV charging systems in South Korea. The project is currently listed and under validation in Verra’s VCS program. We intend to expand HIVE globally in countries with a EV market penetration rate below 5%.

Combined Mobility Platform


Estimated EVCs secured


Estimated GHG emissions reduction


Total Temperature reduced

We offer a sustainable mobility platform service that connects parking, EV charging, and data management. With over 25 million registered vehicles in South Korea as of 2022, the emissions from the increasing number of vehicles are a significant contributor to air pollution, a major cause of global warming. Today, the global shift from fossil fuel vehicles to EVs continues to accelerate. To transform cities, highways, and businesses into centers of sustainable mobility, we expect to secure 37,823 EV chargers, equivalent to an annual 64,139 tons of CO2e. Through strategic partnerships with dedicated charge point operators, the initiative serves as visible
evidence of our efforts to act for better change.


We create the next-generation sustainable mobility ecosystem.
We will strive to embrace the philosophy of companionship and mutual prosperity with our partners. We are committed to providing even greater benefits to all members of our community.

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“Mocha Company is joining forces with partners
dedicated to achieve the sustainability of our planet.”
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